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Anthony and Aaron Adams are the masterminds behind Trinity Construction Products. They both started out working for their dad’s concrete business. Eventually, they asked him to put them in charge of a crew so they could expand their knowledge in the construction industry and earn some extra money. Instead, their dad told them that they could earn extra money by bending his rebar dowels and corner bars. So, they started bending rebar for their dad! Seeing a growing need for rebar products, they started their own business and made calls to local companies. After securing their first few jobs, their reputation grew and within a few years the company expanded into a fully operational rebar fabrication shop in Apopka, Florida. They were not going to stop there, so when a customer called and asked if they could supply rebar for a cage it sparked their interest into learning how to fully assemble rebar cages. That opened the Assembled Products division. Today, Trinity has expanded into rebar products such as formsavers and large diameter anchor bolts. The brothers have expanded their plant to accommodate all facets of production. What sets them apart from other companies is their ability to fully fabricate rebar as well as have an in-house shipping fleet with DOT certified drivers.


Trinity is a family based business and continues to supply rebar products throughout Florida with the belief of bringing glory to God every day.

Anthony W. Adams Jr.


Aaron W. Adams





Our journey begins in January with our Residential products and fabricating dowels and corner bars to local home builders and concrete contractors.

After some time doing residential products and fabricating dowels and corner bars we launched our commercial rebar division.

Trinity launched our Assembled Products Division, producing rebar cages for DOT and private projects.  


Begin producing formsavers for our

commercial fabrication customers.


Moved into our new facility that enables us to produce fabricated material in a more efficient way for our customers. 

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