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The Trinity Construction Products team seeks to provide quality products for your construction needs.


Trinity Construction Products handles a wide variety of concrete and masonry products for home builders and concrete subcontractors. Our products meet all national and state building codes.

cage fabrication

Trinity Construction Products supplies pre-assembled rebar cages for small and major public and private projects. If we can fit it on our fleet of trucks, we can deliver it to your job site ready to be set in place for your pour.

Commercial Fabrication

At Trinity Construction Products, our shop is responsible for rebar fabrication. We custom bundle and load our rebar to ensure that our customers receive materials and service in the most efficient fashion.


Trinity Construction Products supplies a variety of mechanical coupler systems for splicing deformed rebar in tension and/or compression applications. The splicing systems increase structural integrity in concrete, particularly segmental construction, and alleviate rebar congestion problems.

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